Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Characters

I have the main group of good guys all fleshed out now, as well as one of the most important creature characters. Introducing. . .

Corrine Davis! She will be in the introductory scene, which shows the first outbreak of creatures. She is going on the expedition officially as a meteorologist and expert on all things related to Wichita. She also has a personal motivation. Corrine has waited seven years to rescue her husband, Sal, who has been transformed into a creature.

Lindsay Valentine, a doctor from London who has created the cure that transforms creatures back into humans. However, it has only been tested on creatures who were turned by other creatures, not from the original outbreak. They also know that it doesn't work if the creature was born as a creature. He also has the task of observing the creatures, if possible, in person to learn more about their culture.

Diego Escobal Ruiz, a mercenary hired as part of the escort. He is only in it for the money, but ends up appreciating both the creatures and those who have chosen education over manual labor. His develop will mostly take place on an interpersonal level, particularly with the next character.

Caroline Sullivan, another mercenary who is inseparable from Diego despite their lack of a defined relationship. Also in it for the money, but ends up learning to trust others to be friends and to trust Diego to be a true partner.

Their group will have many characters who are less in depth, and I still need to flesh out the somewhat important leader of the convoy and Lindsay's research assistant.

The last character, the creature, is Sal. In the seven years since the transformations Sal has become a respected warrior and hunter for his family tribe. He's also been mated to a female creature and had two children. He will be forced to choose between the two lives, though he can barely remember the life he had with Corrine.

There are several more creatures that need detailing too. Furthermore, the Big Bad remains rather vague in my mind. I know they will be a group of big game hunters, perhaps 10-15 of them, and I know what I want to accomplish with them. I am unsure of what sort of personality will be best for now. Hopefully continuing with my world building and creating an outline will make things clearer. That's what they're for, after all!

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