Monday, June 24, 2013

Going Granny

I have a secret. I've been eyeing granny square blankets with envy lately. I've even added a book full of the squares to my Amazon wishlist. I even made a few little squares on the way home from apartment hunting in another city.

I made one in every color combination just to see what they would look like. I think it needs something more, though, so I threw in a teal.

I also think I'm going to add a light grey too. I almost feel like I might need a warm color too, just for variety's sake. Maybe a yellow. I haven't decided yet.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weaving Success!

So I finished my scarf, and it looks fabulous. I warped it one night, and finished it by the next afternoon. I love knitting, but sometimes scarves get really boring. I'm currently convinced this is the perfect way to make scarves. Still lovely and yarn filled but gives me a quick break from knitting.

Pretty sure this shot would be the perfect artsy picture if I'd just straightened out the wrinkles. Alas, I'm the moron behind the camera and not someone better.

I also made a pair of baby booties from leftovers. I sewed them up the same way and didn't feel like taking it out, so then I made two more and sewed them up the other way. They cried out for embellishment, so I pulled out a crochet hook and tried two different edgings.

Personally, I like the bulkier ruffled edge better, but the smaller picot is cute too. I couldn't stop at just the booties since I still had partial skeins of both teal and white left.

So I made a hat. With the cutest freaking pom pom ever. I love this hat so much I don't want to give it away even though it's only toddler sized at best.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bi Craftual

Tonight I broke out my little loom and warped an easy scarf. Since this is the very beginning, there's a bit of paper and waste yarn that you should definitely ignore at the bottom.

It's going pretty well. So much faster than knitting stitch by stitch, and exactly what I needed.

Hopefully my tension when I beat the threads will get more even. Right now it's okay, but they're not even enough. The ends are especially tricky to get right.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Batch O' Hats

I have another group of hats ready to go. This time they're headed to a local charity, Johnson County Christmas Bureau. JCCB serves more than 12,000 people every year, giving them access to coats, scarves, mittens, hats, personal care items, and other necessities. They're having a Christmas in July event that I'm going to try to attend. It is very close to when we move away and we haven't planned everything out yet, but if I have to miss it I will just have to drop them in a donation bin around town.

This time I used a pound of yarn, but wanted to break up the monotony, so I used some pretty blue leftovers to make a hat as well. Also going is a crocheted hat I found that I made a couple of years ago and have never worn. I thought it might like to find a home where its cute little stripes see the light of day every once in a while.