Saturday, February 16, 2013

25 Down, 17 To Go

It's a square again! 5x5. Only three more colors to go! Five squares along the right in dark blue, then two shades of purple. Of course, there's a big black garter stitch border to contend with as well.

I haven't quite decided how big I'm going to make the border, I think I'm going to have to wait and see how big the whole thing is before I can figure that out. Right now, it's about 55" square. A queen size bed is 60x80 and a flat sheet is 90x100. Just the squares should end up being at least 66x77, and I don't want to add so much garter stitch that it will be the same size as a flat sheet but maybe 3-4 inches per side to make it 70x80? I guess we'll have to see how things go.

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