Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barbara Walker Treasury Project

Over the past two months I've been making my way through a set of 9 dishcloths from Barbara Walker stitch patterns. I got to choose how many to cast on, and how long to knit. I also got to choose the edging myself. I have come up with 9 super neat washcloths!

The yellow and black one is specifically for Chatham, since I had to make it quite large for the pattern to show up. My favorite is the green and pink one, surprisingly. It's kind of difficult to look at, but something about the colors and the cute little pattern makes me love it.

Several of the patterns would make interesting borders or patterns within a larger project. A few are absolutely great for dishcloths. One (the purple and white one) is particularly NOT suited for a washcloth and I'm not sure what to do with it.

Somewhat related, I made a wee little scrubby to go with all of the dishcloths, and I think I might have to make some more. Perhaps in an orange...

...So it would be a goldfish!

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