Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Move Finished

I am finished moving, and more than halfway unpacked, yay! We had trouble with getting internet hooked up to the new apartment, but everything is finally working the way it is supposed to. I have done a lot of crafting in lieu of browsing the interwebs.

I am taking part in a sock club in which you pick patterns and yarn from stash that pair up, then place the matched pattern/yarn in a bag and pull one out randomly whenever (I'm going to try for a bag a month, this might be ambitious). I have set up 16 bags, one bag a month starting September and going through the end of 2014. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't do one every month, but I'm currently really looking forward to it.

In anticipation, I finished up the pair of socks I had on the needles.

When I finished the socks, I didn't really want to work on any of the projects I had in progress, so I whipped out a quick, interestingly constructed scarf. Since it didn't take long, I figured out a hat to match.

While reconnecting with hometown friends, I saw a big sign proclaiming "YARN" and I couldn't resist a visit. I discovered two sock yarns I've never tried before but heard a lot about (TOFUtsies and Cascade Heritage). I got one variegated and one solid and they'll be going into sock club bags for a nice surprise someday. I also picked up 2 skeins of worsted weight in a new brand (Dark Horse Yarn's Fantasy) for hats at my fiance's insistence.

It's a mosaic pattern (unblocked in this picture, forgive it's slightly squinched stitches!) in purple and teal to celebrate the return of the Charlotte Hornets. I almost certainly have enough to do a second colorwork hat with reversed main/contrast colors. He's picked a second pattern out, and it's in the works.

After all that worsted/aran weight yarn I went searching for something else in my next project and stumbled upon a test knit for ... A pair of socks! I know I'm supposed to start the sock club in just a few short weeks, but I couldn't resist volunteering. I think they're coming out wonderfully, and I'm kind of in love with the designer's published designs (I have no affiliation with the designer beyond testing a pattern for free). I might let myself rearrange a bag or two to accommodate a new sock pattern purchase.

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