Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dishcloth Stitch Patterns

I gave away a load of dishcloths over the weekend, so I can finally share them without the potential recipients seeing them in advance. I’ve been experimenting. First, I made a few seed stitch cloths. The red one has a border, and the blue one has the exact same number of stitches without the border. I think I like the way the blue one looks best, but the boy prefers the red, so that didn’t solve much. They’re both nice, and I’d be fine making quite a few more of them because they’re easy to do while watching TV, they’re quick, and they scrub well. 
Bordered pattern found here.
I also tried out the Chinese Waves pattern. Once you get into the swing of the pattern, it’s almost as easy as the seed stitch cloths and they look like something you’d use at a spa. The purple one has been slipped as if to purl and there’s a variegated one just for kicks. I was going to make a white one with stitches slipped knitwise, but I found after about an inch that I hated it. It hasn’t progressed much since then, and I’m considering instead knitting the slipped stitches through the back loop as an alternative way to twist them. I’ll update you when I’m done!
Pattern found here.
I’ve also tried out a basket weave pattern, but wasn’t such a big fan of it. I had a hard time remembering the pattern, for some reason, despite it’s seeming simplicity. I didn’t get a picture of this, and they’ve been given as part of a wedding present already, along with a nice bar of soap wrapped in the following dishcloth.
Pattern found here.
I also did a triangular stitch, which I similarly couldn’t wrap my brain around the pattern. They’re still quite nice, I just am not certain I’ll be doing them on a regular basis.
Pattern found here.

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