Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picture This!

I've been having some computer related trouble, and finally decided to just post from someone else's computer. Sadly, this is not as easy as it seems. I don't have any photo editing software available, so these pictures have not been condensed and may load slowly. Furthermore, I've given away a few of the cloths, and am very thankful that I uploaded the pictures of them to my Ravelry projects! So a few of these pictures have been stolen from there.

I promised picture dishcloths, and I have a few lovely ones to offer. Let's start off with one that has since gone to live with my mom. It's a watering can and a garden! I am really enamored with the cloth, but it's not something I almost can't make again because it's knit with size 3 needles, which just murders my wrists. Nonetheless, it's purdy and I'm glad I got to make at least the one.
Pattern found here.
Next up, I made this for an aunt who likes wine. The picture isn't the best, and I can't take a new one, but I think you get the gist. I actually ended up liking the actual cloth more than the pictures, so maybe it just doesn't photograph particularly great.
Pattern found here.
Finally, if you're young and impressionable, shield your eyes now! I made an assbutt. Fans of Supernatural will recognize this lovely saying, especially if they share my love of Cas. I'm now making one for a friend.
Pattern found here.
I know my updating has been spotty at best, but I already have three or four more dishcloths made that I haven't shown you here, and I'm working on two shawls as well, so hopefully I can get my computer repaired (*crosses fingers* c'mon be covered by the warranty!!!) and get back on track.

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