Monday, September 10, 2012

Eight Hats in a Pound

I have turned a Caron One Pound Baby skein into a lovely donation for Knitting for Noggins. My mom brought this program, run by the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. They specifically asked for larger hats, so I focused mainly on teen or adult hats, though I threw in two smaller ones at the end to use the last of the skein.


I cast on the first of these hats, the Rib-A-Roni (Bottom row, 3rd from the left), on August 27th and finished it the same day. I was was so excited to be knitting for a specific purpose I finished the last hat, the Aviatrix (Bottom row, 4th from the left), September 10th. 1 pound, 2 weeks, 8 hats. Two of them have fun cables (see the owls?), two of them are fairly basic. Two of them have interesting construction techniques (the two on the right) and two of them rely on purl bumps to create the design. There are a couple I would never make again, and a few I want to do again right away.

Luckily, I have another pound in purple. Actually, I knit this during the aforementioned two week period also, but I don't like to brag...much.

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