Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scarf Despair and Sock Satisfaction

I have been wanting to try illusion knitting for a while, and found this great scarf pattern with dragonflies and decided to knit myself a scarf. I already had a few skeins of a pretty dark gray yarn from a sale, and decided to get something to go with it. I picked out a pretty purple. I was a little worried about them not contrasting enough but there wasn't a lighter version for me to go with, so I thought I would just make do. I cast on with the gray and knit up about 16 rows of the pattern. I laid it on the floor in a nice bright natural light...and could see precisely nothing. Well, to be fair, I could see the gray, but not the illusionary dragonfly I was supposed to be getting. Frustrated, I took a picture of the two skeins of yarn and edited it, as is talked about in a wonderful blog post at January One. The two yarns had the same value.  There wasn't enough contrast to them for the illusion to pop out. So I guess I'm going to have to find a lighter gray and try again. The dark gray gets to live on for another project.

Instead, I picked out a pattern that I thought would go well with a (different) solid purple yarn and cast on a new sock with a yarn I have since learned is discontinued. I'm using Pace Step, which I found at a Tuesday Morning (great store!) but I'll never be able to get any more, which is too bad cuz I definitely would if I found it again. I'm doing the pattern Asymmetrical Cables from the book Sock Knitting Master Class even though I am by no means the master of a sock. On the other hand, I think it looks pretty good so far.

Modeled on my hand, which is not as smooth as a leg. Forgive me.
I have, however, discovered a problem with me knitting wool socks for myself. I am not sure when I'm going to wear them. As it is, I pretty much only wear socks that start below my ankle. Chatham told me the point of longer socks was to act as a barrier at the bottom of jeans so that your calf isn't chilly. I pointed out that I've worn ankle socks through four Boston winters. He then told me it wasn't his fault I don't get cold like a normal person. Maybe I should've taken up a different hobby.

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