Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hat Binge

I'm in the middle of a hat binge. I've finished 10 hats this month, with another one on the needles and a bunch more planned this year. First up is 8 hats made from yarn given to me by an aunt. She made a blanket with the colors and was tired of them, so she gave me the leftover skeins. I used several different patterns, including my own design!

I also made a few stockinette hats. First up was a striped one from leftover yarn that's the same color as the above hats but not the same yarn. The color combo looked really good with the hats, so I thought I'd make a hat with them together!

Finally, a last hat made from leftovers of Christmas gifts. I knit ribbing with the brown until I was down to a tail to weave in, then joined the blue and knit until it was a good length, decreased, and the hat was finished. It's just a basic pattern, but it is very soft and a really great size. It fits me perfectly, and I hope that it fits it's eventual owner just as well.

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