Thursday, January 9, 2014


My SO brought me a surprise. There's a shelf of free books at a local college, and he makes a point of stopping by every once in a while to peruse the offerings. This is the only time he's ever found something I might like, though. It's not in the best shape, but it seems to be mostly intact.

It's Ethical Sex Relations, or, The New Eugenics. I'm not going to take any of it on today, but if you're interested I found a blog talking about the advertising for the book which is just as hilariously outdated.

I've flipped through it and it's ripe for mocking. There's a bunch of really awful stuff in it, but I'm going to try to come at it from a ribald, OMGWTFBBQ how could they think of that way. Getting bogged down in the ideas is bad for my health. Here's a little tidbit to get you started, The Most Valuable Table Ever Published for Parents (TM).

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