Friday, April 13, 2012

First Sock Saga Pt 1

To begin making socks, I had grand plans. First, I was going to make a miniature sock, then graduate to a pattern I had that was specifically for “my first socks” then move on to something a little more complicated, because at that point I’d have 3 socks under my belt. Unfortunately, things never work out the way you plan them! I have no pictures of my poor, sad mini sock, but let me tell you about it. I was gung ho when I started. Excited! Of course, I started it the night before the Boy’s spring break visit home which I was accompanying him on.

Undeterred by this minor detail, I stayed up late into the night knitting. In fact, I started late into the night. I cast on with some cheap acrylic yarn I made a kindle case with. I got the ribbing for the cuff done. Then I did the rest if the leg in stockinette. Alright! It was just like knitting other things so far. I even did the heel flap and turn perfectly. I didn’t have any ladders. I was proud. Then I tried to read the instructions for shaping the gusset. I tried to follow these instructions. No dice. I pulled out the ugly, terrible row I’d just made and tried again. Same problem.

I decided a little research was in order, and found a newer, much updated and differently laid out version of the sock. It was much clearer. After the research, I realized exactly how late in the day/early in the morning it was and put it down for the night. The next morning all I had to do to be ready to go was pack a few things, and one of them was my knitting. I decided not to take the mini sock since it was on DPNs and I was worried about how it would travel in my boyfriend’s trunk (I get carsick in his car as it is, and I don’t want to make it worse by trying to knit on the road so I have to stare out the window for most of the trip) and instead packed enough yarn to make a few dishcloths while we were there instead.

When we got back a week later, I had a few other things to do. Eventually, a week or two later, I got back to the mini sock. I created the gusset. I did all the decreases. I was just about to start the foot when I realized something. At some point I had stopped making stockinette and was now knitting reverse stockinette without meaning to. I texted a friend who knits, but we couldn’t figure out how I’d done it. I got mad and started frogging. I frogged right past the place where I’d gotten mixed up and into the heel flap. Instead of slowing down to examine what I’d done wrong or to try to fix it, I ripped out the whole thing. Not my proudest moment.

On the other hand, I made these cute dishcloths and a few other things I'm going to feature as part of two different gift sets. =) First up is Kansas! I modified the pattern a little bit because I didn't think it looked very much like Kansas, and since I'm from and live here I think I get to make my dishcloth pattern look more like my state.
Pattern modified from here.
I also made this Octopus dishcloth. I thought it'd look great in the multicolor blue, but forgot that variegated yarns often get in the way of a pattern instead of enhance it even if it's cute. It's difficult to see in person too, but the pattern is great and I might try it again in another color.
It's an Octopus! Pattern found here.
 Finally, I'd started this and brought it along because I thought I might need some monotonous knitting to do in front of the television. Except that this time we didn't watch a movie or much television. I got bored and switched cables quickly. I think this yarn is cursed. It's the same one I used for my mom's giant flower dishcloth/tea towel Frankenstein. Both of them ended up larger than expected (EVEN THOUGH I read "Cast on 52 stitches" without being phased) and both ended up languishing on a cable in a box for far longer than any of my other WIPs. Maybe I'll finish it during our next Star Trek marathon...
Pattern found here.
While taking that last picture, I noticed I hadn't moved the chair far enough away from the table and had a visitor. Cortez! She really wants to play with the yarn, but only when I try to photograph it. She pretty much leaves it alone if I'm knitting with it or if it's sitting on/next to the couch while I do other things. My knitting notions on the other hand go missing all the time. She loves stitch markers and counters and my plastic darning needle, so I have to be careful to put those away after every use.

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