Thursday, April 12, 2012


I recently found a great sale on sock yarn. To be more specific, I got 10 skeins of SRK’s On Your Toes. 5 solid and 5 self patterning skeins. Here they are for your viewing pleasure: 
Self patterning
I had originally decided to use the self patterning full of pinks and reds on the top left first with a basic sock pattern I’d found. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account that it required the only size of DPNs I’m missing from sizes 0-7. Size 5 *shakes fist* I will buy you some day! I switched to a different pattern in which my gauge worked with size 6 needles, and all was well. I was more attached to the yarn and pattern combo than I’d expected, and instead decided to pick the one I suspected was the ugliest. I didn’t want to screw up yarn I liked on my first pair of socks. The solids were all immediately eliminated because I have other plans for most of them, as well as two of the self patterning ones. That left three, and I decided I thought that the one with red, yellow, and blue was the least matched set of colors, in the top right.

So far it’s working out to be as bad looking as I thought, and I’ll show it to you as soon as I’m finished with the pair!

I also have plans for several other skeins. I'm seriously considering making a pair of socks for my boy with the two grey skeins, and I think I'm also going to somehow pair up the green solid with the one that has a lot of the same green in the lower right of the self patterning ones. It kinda depends on the pattern. I'm also kinda hoping I'll have some grey left over so I can use it to put some pretty heels and toes on a pair of socks. =)

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