Saturday, April 7, 2012


Goodness, it's been quite a while since I posted. I haven't made much progress on my socks, but I'm getting the urge to try again. I was originally stymied by a tiny sock pattern I printed off without realizing there was a weird mistake in the heel turn, got frustrated, and put it down. After some research, I figured out that there was an updated copy, and that most of it was exactly the same except for the part I had the problem with. I made a few gifts before my sock problem, but I didn't want to post the pictures until I actually gave them away. SO! Here they are.

I actually blocked all of these, since I was giving them as gifts! Up first is a nice leaf. It turned out a little smaller than I was hoping despite using worsted weight cotton, so I think next time I will use the largest needle size in the range. I like the subtle variegation in it, though I'm considering making another one in a darker green too.

Pattern found here.
Since the leaf ended up being rather small for a washcloth, I also made one with a rose on it in a more traditional size and shape. It turned out really well, and I am a huge fan of this pattern. The person I gave it to said she thought it should be in a frame, not used, so I might make a second one she can actually use! =)

Pattern found here.
Another aunt and uncle used to raise Labradors, and still have one as well as a wonderful, GIANT mutt they found and couldn't bear to give up. It's safe to say they love dogs. I saw this dishcloth pattern, and thought it would be perfect for them. This aunt also said she thought it should be framed. I'm sensing a pattern here, and as much as I love making these pretty picture dishcloths, I also want to make something people will use!

Pattern found here.
That is where simpler patterns come in. I made this and gave it to my Grandpa because he made me a lovely yarn cone holder. The blue is a little washed out in this picture for some reason, and the red towel I blocked it on didn't help, but you can see the pattern pretty clearly. This pattern is one that looks trickier than it actually is if you're just glancing. It's basically K3, P1(Of course, since it's a pattern with a multiple of 4 + 3, your last three stitches will be knit as well) on one side and K the other until the desired length.

Pattern found here.
I think patterns like this are more likely to be used as actual dishcloths, and I like giving useful things too! Of course, as soon as I give the finished object away, the person I give it to can do with it what they will. On the other hand, I think I'll be trying to find a few more of these simpler patterns so I can package two as a gift from now on. I hope all my gift recipients will enjoy their dishcloths in the way they choose!

I have another gift set to mail off, and hopefully a post about it soon. It doesn't exactly follow my latest idea of giving both a patterned and picture dishcloth, but it does have some other things which I found quite fun to knit.

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