Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcoming Projects

I'm afraid I had to take a little bit of time off knitting this week, and only have one dishcloth I can show you. I made it for myself, and I think it came out quite nicely! The picture looks rather blue, but I definitely used the Orchid color from Peaches and Creme, which is a light purple.

Pattern found here.
Today I went around town to various shops and picked up some new yarns. On the left is Serenity sock weight yarn from Hobby Lobby I will be using to make a lovely Afternoon tea shawl. I also picked up a bit of I Love This Cotton (not pictured) because it was on sale and I wanted to see how it does when made into a dishcloth. In the middle is some Red Heart Crochet Cotton size 10 from Wal Mart that I am going to attempt to weave tea towels with. Finally, on the right is some Ella Rae Marl that I am going to make some sort of hat with, I think. This last one I got from Tuesday Morning, which I had been to once years before and did not realize even sold yarn. I found this out from Ravelry, and decided to check it out. Of course, the knitting section (er...endcap on an aisle) consisted mostly of GIANT size straight needles in sets of three or four. I wasn't particularly tempted by any of those, but they had some interesting novelty yarns, as well as the ball I purchased. It was half off! I might go there again in a month or two to see if they have any new items, and if I see one around when I'm in KC or Wichita I'll definitely be stopping to check them out too.

Finally, I also picked up some of the crochet cotton in black and I'm making myself what will basically be an ACE bandage. I started this project because I wanted a very simple project to knit while watching a long T.V. show with subtitles, and also realized that we had no long bandages after banging my ankle on the dishwasher hard enough to need ice. I had no way to hold the ice on or to apply pressure without ice! It's a little too late to help my ankle feel better now, but I might be able to prevent this problem in the future!

Next time I should have a lovely new pattern for you, but I'm not quite done editing it. Pattern has been test knit, pictures have been taken, and the chart is ready to go. I just have to translate that to a written pattern, and proofread and it'll be ready for other's eyes!

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