Sunday, March 3, 2013

36 Squares

I have finished the dark purple! I only have 6 more squares to knit! I am so going to make it in time!

As always on this blog, you can click the picture to make it larger. I finally put it on the bed to see how it looks. It is almost wide enough, and with the last set of squares along the top, I think it will be long enough too! Then, of course, the border will make it just the right size. I'm getting close enough to the end that my motivation is picking back up.

I'm hoping to finish the last set of six squares on the 8th, so I'll have a week to add the border and sew all the ends in. I'm really glad I've been attaching them as I go along, I don't think I'd have time to sew them all together if I'd waited.

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