Friday, March 15, 2013

Templeton Square Blanket

HUZZAH! I have finished my blanket and taken some fantastic pictures! This post is picture heavy, so if you have a slow computer it might take a while to load. First thing I had to do was lock the cats outside so I could get a few pictures for the contest without their help.

I really absolutely love it. I think the border really pulls the whole thing together. I almost wish I'd made it bigger, but considering how long it took to knit the two inches of border that are there I'm not sure I would've finished the blanket EVER if I were set on making it bigger.

There are lots of interesting ways to take pictures of the blanket. This one also features Chatham's LEGO bricks, oops!

I thought these springtime colors were particularly appropriate today since it's 80°. Of course I would finish it on the first warm day of the year. A few more detail shots:

Now, for a little math. Each square had 4,200 stitches in it. All of the squares together is 176,400 stitches. The border had 24,200 stitches. So, in total there are 200,600 stitches in my blanket. I did all of the squares in 48 days, and then the border took me another 4 days. I made a queen size blanket in 52 days. I think that's pretty darn impressive.

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