Monday, March 18, 2013

Other Things Finished While Knitting the Blanket

I finished several small projects while I was working on my blanket to break up the project. I showed you the Blizzard Winds cowl, but I also knit a pair of booties, a few hats, and a quarter of a mitten.

The booties were a test knit and came out absolutely adorable. I don't have a specific recipient in mind right now, but there's a matching hat that I think I'll make as a premade baby gift.

Then, There was a versatile top down hat pattern that I test knit. I picked all of the first hat's characteristics, and used dice to decide the second hat's attributes. The first one is an aran weight hat with pretty spirals and a ribbed bottom.

The second one was chosen completely by dice rolls. Fingering weight, baby size, a block motif (that's obscured by the yarn, unfortunately), and a seed stitch border.

I started a third hat while I was knitting the blanket, and finished it the same day as the blanket. It was a test knit for an ebook with several other hats, and I think it turned out really cute. It doesn't exactly fit me because it's a child's large size, but I wanted to feature the top and it was only visible while being worn.

The quarter of a mitten is now a whole mitten, waiting for it's mate!

Oh, and I can't forget one final tiny lil thing.

The first hexipuff in my second blanket. That's right, I started my second blanket before I even finished my first. This project is intended to be knit as a little side project whenever I feel like it, instead of all at once in a rush. It's puffy and squishy and I need to make some more socks so I can have sock leftovers to make into hexipuffs!

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